They started out as colleagues, both interns at the same company and the two quickly became friends. However, it didn’t take long for this "friendship" to turn into something more than just a lunch date at the canteen. I was privileged to work alongside these two and see their relationship grow as the time passed.

I was thrilled when Cait asked me to do a couple shoot for them before they leave on their next adventure to New Zealand. When I arrived at the venue of their shoot, Cait left the room for only a few seconds and that is when Jonno whispered to me: "I'm gonna propose at the end". You can just imagine my excitement (and self-control to hide the latter)!!

As we approached the end of the shoot I could almost hear Jonno’s heart pounding in his troat, but Cait did not expect a thing. (Scroll down to see one of my favourite images from the day - the moment just before he got up from the chair to face her and popped the big question.) I don't know who trembled the most between the three of us, but there were tears right from the start as Jonno went down on his knee and asked Cait to be his wife.

Jonno and Cait, may this journey and new adventure be filled with love, happy memories and a bond that will last forever.

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